Catching Up with Miya Rai

My life as an adult film actress and model takes me around the world and often puts me in some rather compromising positions but it is all in good fun and helps to take my career to the next level. It also enables me to connect with my fans and meet new and exciting people from all over the globe.
In an article I like to call, Catching Up with Miya Rai, I share a glimpse of what its like to be me and to see and do so many new and interesting things. Consider it an extended “Day in the Life” where you can follow my life right here on my website.
To see what I have been up to this past year, keep reading as I will do my best to document my life from Summer until now in a month by month format.

August 2017

August was my holiday month and all I wanted to do was relax and have a good time in Marbella. I partied at the News Café and met some new friends. Although it’s one of the trendiest bars in Puerto Banus, it’s still not my favourite club scene but Marbella did have a lot to offer. As a bonus, I got to join a party on a private boat and have an incredibly sexy time.

September 2017

September meant back to work and my first order of business was to attend a porn awards event at a strip club on Leister Square. I got to meet Sahara Knite and Arab cum Slut, two very talented actresses who were nominated for awards.
Later in the month, I did a photo shoot for P7 Magazine in Scotland which was lots of fun. Marc and Brian made me feel so comfortable and it was one of the best shoots I have ever done!

October 2017

October was a mixed bag. I visited my ex, Kory and, although it was weird to see him after a year, we did have a good time and made one last sexy movie together. The movie, “Miya Catching Kory On Lunch Break”, was a lot of fun even though the camera did get knocked over near the end.

I also shot with Marc and Brian again. We filmed a porn shoot starring me and my Thai friend, Mayleen, simply titled, “Fake Asian Lesbian Interview”. We all had a good time and getting to have sex with Mayleen was the highlight of my month!

November 2017

In November, I went to Capri with a good friend and we had so much fun! We went to a local strip club and got a sexy lesbian dance from an erotic Romanian girl who made our evening that much more special.
I went to Hakkasan in Mayfair with a friend to show her around London. They have the city’s best Cantonese food and some of the best bar service of any restaurant in London. We continued our night at Union Club in Vauxhall and stayed until just after 10am the next day!

December 2017

In December, I went to Mumbai for an interview with a production company which creates Indian music videos. They offered me an exclusive contract for an extended time and I couldn’t accept as I am not ready to relocate just yet. It was an incredible experience though and I might reconsider later on. Being alone, I couldn’t experience the city as much as I would have liked, but one of the producer’s assistants did show me around.
The holiday season found me and my sexy friend, Nikki, checking out one of
East London’s newest strip clubs while my cousin was DJing!

I know it seems like 2017 was a whirlwind year for me, but I have a lot more planned for the New Year. Until then, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2018!

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Miya’s Friends

When visiting, you will see a lot of familiar faces, both in HD images and videos. These are my costars and friends and I want to introduce you to them here.
Bambam – Bambam is Brazilian and you will recognise him by his many tattoos. He is featured in many of my videos.
Kory – Kory and I had a long-term relationship together and although we aren’t dating, we are still very good friends and he appears in some of my videos.
Mayleen– a very close friend of mine and an established adult film actress, Mayleen costars in some of my more steamy videos.
Nicki– always a lot of fun to work with, Nicki is beautiful, talented and one of my favourite actresses to work with. When Nicki is on set, it is guaranteed to be hot!