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Miya Rai

Welcome to the only official site dedicated to Miya Rai, the only place where you will find official information about Miya and all her friends.Now that you are here, feel free to get comfortable and take a look around.

The beautiful Miya Rai is the famous Indian / Iranian actress born and raised in Scotland who has conquered the world with her beauty and sensuality.

On this site, you will have all the information about the reality and the videos where Miya or one of her friends appear. You will always be informed about her appearances at festivals and events.

The site will constantly be updated with exclusive XXX photos! These photos are exclusive to Miya’s official site and are not visible anywhere else!

There is so much to see and do as you get up close and personal with one of the adult industry’s hottest stars.

Based in London, UK, Miya Rai is an Iranian, Indian and Scottish mixed-race actress whose career is rising fast as she stars in award winning roles that keep her fans, both women and men, turned on and wanting more.

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Miya Rai

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Miya Rai

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